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cheap canada goose uk It does, I admit, have an abdomen that looks like the head of some nondescript frog, but it also resembles, more parsimoniously I think, a non descript dried flower bud, seed capsule, or some such trash that fell and adhered to a leaf.How big is the spider? Is it in the frog size range?Are there frogs in the forest that are actually as small as the spider, look like it, rest in the open where they can be seen during the day, and are common enough to serve as models?Are there things that feed on spiders, and are repulsed by the small model frog, that would make resembling a frog advantageous for a spider? Wasps and birds do prey on spiders and would canada goose outlet toronto factory not be interested in frogs, but they would be equally uninterested in dried plant debris in general. Natural history work is needed.My personal opinion is that there are so canada goose outlet in montreal many good, convincing examples of canada goose outlet los angeles mimicry, why go out on a limb with stuff that can be used to portray hard core adaptationists (like myself) as purveyors of just so stories. That said, the appearance of the spider is most intriguing.Skepticism is welcome, and maybe I wrong.But it does not look like a random bit of trash;there are spiders that mimic such trash, and they do a good job canada goose outlet orlando of it. cheap canada goose uk

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uk canada goose outlet If it had not been used, then after the war congress would almost certainly have held hearings to «rake Truman over the coals» as to why $2,000,000,000 was spent on a new wonder weapon that had been tested and working prior to invasion, yet never used. If the Japanese had not surrendered, by the end of 1945 production schedules indicate we could have destroyed 23 cities, by which point the number of lives lost would exceed that of invasion. Also the planned invasion would have been initiated and the troops would be fighting on a full «hot» nuclear battlefield without the special gear needed (because not yet developed and/or no yet ready for field use) uk canada goose outlet.

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